if you ever want to wear mommy’s make-up, just make sure you don’t eat it. when it’s time to go to bed, I will help you wash it off.

when school starts and you want to jump rope instead of play kickball, be careful not to trip and hurt your knees.

if you grow up and a boy makes your heart hurt, you do not have to be ashamed.

if you fall in love with a girl
who wears the same clothes
as you, it will be easy for me to buy you both presents.

if I teach you anything, I will teach you to be gentle.

you are not Atlas and the world
is not a burden for you to carry.

if you do not like your body, if you feel like you were put inside the wrong one, I will stand by and watch you become again.

because we are human beings and we do not always have to
take what we are given.

I will love you constantly, fervently, always.

I will teach you the value of
the word “no” so that, when you hear it, you do not question it.

when the war comes
and you want to fight, I will
sleep with clenched fists until you come home to me.

when the war comes and you don’t want to go, I will sleep soundly.

you are allowed to be soft. you are allowed to break and bend. you do not have to be strong. you do not have to be a soldier.

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i love this a lot

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Can we please take a moment to talk about this man? He is not what you would look and say “He is a superhero.” He also doesn’t have any type of superpower, he don’t fly, or have super strength, or has the mutant gene. But he had a choice to do between what was right or wrong, and even though he knew if he didn’t do as Rumlow was asking Rumlow would kill him and just do it, he preferred not to do and die. Because he wanted to do what was the right thing to do.

Okay here’s the super important thing about this guy. He has some incredibly distinct Jewish features. Obviously this doesn’t mean that the actor or the character is Jewish, but it means that when I first saw him, as a Jewish person myself, he reminded me of many boys I went to synagogue with, and my JCC’s summer camp, and so on. [EDIT: The actor is Jewish. It’s confirmed on IMDB. Also his name is Aaron Himelstein.]

I don’t think casting this man was an accident. Because HYDRA are NAZIS. No matter how far they come from that time, they’re still Nazis. And here we have this one man, possibly Jewish, who takes the only stand he can against Rumlow. He choses to die to protect the world against HYDRA, and I truly believe his decision is what turned the tide for the rest of the SHIELD agents to oppose the STRIKE team. It’s so powerful to have this be a person, a person whose family was most likely directly attacked by HYDRA, a person who is fully comprehending the price he’ll pay and what it means, be a hero. I love him so much. I have a lot of feelings about this man.

I noticed this in the theater and found it meaningful at the time. It makes me feel so good to know that it wasn’t just me.


Dude, you wrote a fanfic and DIDN’T LINK IT? 

So disappointed.

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  • Jewish Blogger: The Left hates Jews.
  • Goy Blogger: We don't hate Jews. We just hate Zionism.
  • Jewish Blogger: When did I mention Zionism?


Don’t shit on ace and aro people who express their discomfort with the way society shoves sex into everything and insists that everyone who doesn’t conform is bad/broken. Have you taken a moment to actually LOOK at what society might look like from an ace or aro perspective? Have you actually listened to ace and aro people talk about their experiences and how much they get shit on on a regular basis?

No, you don’t get to silence ace and aro people by claiming they’re sex-shaming. 

It’s not that much of an effort to NOT be an asshole and to be considerate of other people.

A kinky panromantic pansexual

As a writer (not just as an ace) I would ask people to think about the last time they found popular media without sex, romance, and sexual attraction in it that isn’t for toddlers or an all male gritty war show (and trust me, those are few and far between as well.)

As an Ace writer, I actually struggle to write ace/aro characters - especially women - because those narratives do not exist and don’t even escape sex either. It’s hard to figure out how to start a story you’ve never read before. (Because the obvious way to show a character is ace/aro is an aborted love story or them hating on a companions sexuality)

It would be nice to have anywhere to go to escape compulsory sexuality, even for a little while. That’s all I’d want - the ability to escape somewhere

I don’t see how wanting to have a quiet space implies sex can’t happen at all. 

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if you complain about “skinny shaming”, do you speak up when you hear a fat joke?

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I’m starting to think straight people are a myth because whatever their sexuality I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t do Natalie Dormer if given the chance

as an asexual person pls can u stop making sexual attraction into some “”“”universal human trait”“”” thank/fuck u


more trans women in sci-fi. more black women in sci-fi. more disabled women in sci-fi.

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